Our Story

     Luuna Scrubs is a fashion forward brand founded by Canadian nurses who were looking to bring style and comfort into their workplace. Forging a friendship together over many moons, the idea came together naturally. Luuna Scrubs would be a comfortable, versatile, and timeless collection for healthcare workers who were also looking to feel confident and stylish. After a great deal of feedback from the field as well as their own rigorous testing, Luuna Scrubs is proud to say they have quality and functionality that cannot be matched. Try them for yourself and you’ll see this brand was indeed made with love ♥. 
Your friends,
Luuna Scrubs 

navy blue scrubs

Our Vision

Working in healthcare, we have a commitment to our standards of practice; to carry out our duties with honesty, integrity, and diligence. Our promise is to continue carrying out these standards at Luuna Scrubs. We envision medical professionals all around the world wearing our scrubs proudly as we match our quality of scrubs to your impeccable quality of service.